Marta Milani tells how she earned her first money using the platform

An ordinary immigrant from Italy earned her 2-month salary in a week and permanently quit her job.

On social network sites, there was a piece of information about an immigrant who earned a fortune incredibly quickly, thanks to an online platform. We decided to test the platform and invited Marta to take part in the live broadcast, but 15 minutes later, the studio received a threatening call and a request to stop recording immediately.

We managed to publish a part of the interview, but we don't know how long we will be able to manage the article online.

From a banned interview with Marta Milani:

Marta Milani, a former housekeeper. After the divorce, she lived with her mother and son in a small apartment. All she wanted in her 42 y.o. was to be successful, pay the mortgage, and provide her son a good education. And today, her dreams come true! She made a fortune on the innovative BrandName platform.


“For two years, I have worked as an au pair in a wealthy family because such families pay quite well. Seeing a different, prosperous, and happy life, I wanted freedom from debts and loans, I desired to go on vacation with my son. Now my life has completely changed!”

Marta with her son on vacation

Marta continues:

One day, I was cleaning the office of the owner's house and came across an advertising printout about passive earnings. I asked him if I could keep it. He said that a business partner had given him the brochure a long time ago, and he didn't need it. I hope he doesn't regret it now.

The brochure talked about a quick way to earn money on the Internet, and all I needed for that is a smartphone. The next week, I had to pay off my loans, and I was desperate. I thought that I would never be able to get rid of all my debts. I had spent my salary on paying off loans, and there was almost no money left. After I registered on the platform, my life is completely changed!

I was surprised by the simple idea of earning money. You invest in bitcoin, and you only need one account on the BrandName website. It's that simple! The whole procedure took me about one hour.

Editor: We can't believe that it's so easy to earn money using the Internet. How did you manage to understand the platform?

Marta: I didn't have to figure it out! Sometime after registration, I was provided with a personal Manager. He introduced me to the platform, explained every detail, and answered all my questions.

Editor: Did you start from scratch? And didn't you know anything about bitcoin, though the whole world is talking about it now?"

Marta: Absolutely nothing! I deposited my entire salary on the platform. The next day, I checked my account and saw that the amount in my account had doubled and I realized that I would not have to work anymore.

The editorial staff was so impressed with the story of Marta that they decided to register on the platform before the article was published.

The result was shocking!

If you had invested only 340 AUD in digital currencies in 2010, you would have received a 700,000 AUD dividend this year!

The platform earns money on cryptocurrency and during the pandemic, the financial market has been growing for six months.

This week, the platform is scheduled to be suspended for at least a year due to a large flow of users.

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Readers Experiences:

  • Alicja Brown Brisbane

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    “I have been using BrandName for 2 weeks now and currently I can afford a Europe trip thanks to earnings from this.”
  • Jack Williams Redcliffe

    Win: AU$10 800

    “I have been using BrandName for more than two weeks, and my down payment of AU$372 has increased to AU$10 800. This is much more than I can earn working.”
  • Thomas Nguyen Gosford

    Win: AU$11 600

    "Thanks to BrandName, I earned AU$1 600 in one month. I can use it on a laptop, so I made money traveling all over Europe."
  • Liran Anderson Tamworth

    Win: AU$9 570

    “It's damn convenient, even for me! I have never traded in the stock market before, and now I earn more than AU$3,000 a week and enjoy life."

Our editor managed to register on the platform and get a personal manager

I opened an account on the BrandName website and made a minimum deposit of 340 AUD, just as Marta told us. A few days later, I saw that 150 AUD went into the negative. Although the lost amount was small, I was upset that the platform was a fake. But when I checked my account a day later, I got shocked. I had 1,100 AUD in my account, which is almost thrice the minimum deposit.

2 weeks later, the amount increased to 4,000 AUD!

Now, I invest part of my earnings on the platform and earn 600 AUD a day!

The money I managed to raise from the platform in such a short time was enough to buy a new car!

From an anonymous source, our editorial staff learned that the state is running a company to hide this method of earning money. On state channels, censorship does not allow to cover this topic, and special bodies clean up online news.

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